Managing Wellness with Telemedicine

In the wake of these challenging times, I am sharing my thoughts on how Telemedicine can help people live better lives and stay well!

To your health,
Michelle Rider

Typically when society faces a crisis, innovation helps us survive by creating or building awareness of solutions. As Americans face COVID-19, one of the potential silver linings is the growth in the adoption of telemedicine. 

The focus is on limiting the spread of the coronavirus; healthcare professionals are recommending whenever possible the usage of telehealth instead of sitting in a waiting room filled with others. Also, telehealth services are offered at a flat-rate fee, commonly $50 versus a visit to the ER, which with insurance, can start at $500. It is important to note patients do not need health insurance to received treatment via telehealth.

Here are three ways telehealth can maximize telehealth and productivity:

  • Convenient - Most telehealth visits require only 30 minutes or less time commitment from the convenience of your home or office. Most telehealth companies can have a doctor call you back, so you do not have to sit in waiting rooms with others who potentially have the virus.
  • Cost - A telehealth visit often costs the same as your co-pay, so the out of pocket expense is minimal. Plus, you are not spending money on gas or Uber. Check with your health insurance provider; the fees possibly are waived for COVID-19 related telehealth visits. 
  • Care - A doctor or registered nurse conduct telehealth visits, and they can diagnose and treat over 50 illnesses. Chances are if you have a non-emergency condition such as cold and flu, UTI, or pink eye, a prescription or instructions can be provided and on your way to feeling better in minutes.

Over the years, as a strategic marketing leader, I have had the pleasure of watching the launch and growth of telemedicine. I am a firm believer in the value of telehealth.

Michelle Rider