4 Surefire Marketing Strategies for Engaging and Exciting Prospects and Customers

Is your marketing strategy feeling a bit dull? If you are putting in a lot of work to rinse, wash, and repeat (I.e., the usual marketing dance), and you’re just not seeing the results you want, then it’s time to take a step back, read this article, and get ready to engage and excite prospects and customers in a whole new way. We’re going to discuss four surefire ways that you can get the attention of your audience with a few dynamic marketing tips.

1. Use Visual Media
It’s been said time and time again - a picture says 1,000 words. Thanks to digital media, we’ve got pictures, GIFs, memes, and videos all at our disposal. Marketers who use visual media to tell a story can get really great results. Images help immerse our audience and make them feel like they’re a part of the story. Once you’ve done this, you can take it a step further and gamify your visual media strategy by asking your audience to vote on the next chapter in your marketing story.

2. Showcase Your Successes
We all know that word of mouth is the best form of marketing, and it’s the most coveted form, too. In today’s digital marketing age, however, it’s extremely important - and useful - to highlight customer cases studies and testimonials. It’s easy to share this information on your website and social media, and it lets prospects see what your existing customers have to say about you. If you want to take it a step further, you can use visual media - think video testimonials - to further enhance how you showcase your successes. This is a great way to show people that your customers are real people, and they are happy with your company.

3. Use Social Media to Your Best Advantage
If customers are leaving great ratings on your social media pages, then it’s time to share that information with the world. If your customers aren’t leaving reviews, then it’s time to ask them to. Reviews are a great way to help prospects choose your company. In addition, you can use shares, posts, and likes as a selling point. Having 100,000 or more followers on social media is a big vote of confidence from customers.

4. Ask and You Shall Receive
Getting your current customers involved in your marketing strategies can be a great way to gain traction. For instance, you can ask customers to choose a new logo or slogan. This interaction not only lets your customers feel like they are a part of your brand, but it also provides you with powerful insights into what your customers really want. If you’ve been looking for a marketing strategy that’s fun and also provides insight, then you’ll enjoy this one.

All of these strategies are designed to accentuate the marketing plan you already have in place. Odds are, you can implement these tips right into your current plan. As with all marketing strategies, the key to success is consistency. Using these tips once won’t be enough. You’ll need to commit to keeping these methods as a part of your plan to see real results.